Friday, December 24, 2010

Arte y Aroma de Cafe

'Tis the season to pick coffee!
Coffee plant, with ripe red beans
The coffee bean in all is glorious stages
This blog post finds me back in California, while in my other home, San Cristobal Norte, the coffee season is in full gear. November and December were wonderful, if not jam packed with finishing up projects for 2010 and celebrating the holidays. 

This blog post will be short, as I know this time of year is filled with fiestas, family and food- but I wanted to post some photos of the coffee jewelry from Lies, the owner of Arte y Aroma de Cafe. 
Lies and her daughter Diana at a local craft fair

I have brought home a selection of the jewelry so please contact me if you are interested in purchasing this beautiful, aromatic jewelry! Or if you just have suggestions for improvement. 

 Makes for a great last minute gift- Happy Holidays to all!

Coffee Bean Wrap Around Bracelet- $7.00 

Semillas and Coffee Bean Wrap Around Bracelet  (detail)

Semillas Wrap Around Bracelet- $7.00

Coffee Bean Flowers Bracelet, with clasp- $7.00
Flower Bracelet (detail)

Coffee Bean Hemp Bracelet- $6.00

Coffee Bean Hoop Earrings- $7.00 

Semillas de San Pedro and Coffee Bean Necklace- $9.00

Variety of Bracelets 

Necklaces and Hemp Bracelets at craft fair

ISV Volunteers in San Cristobal Norte purchasing from Arte y Aroma de Cafe