Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Concept

With friends and family all over the world it is getting rather difficult to stay connected. San Francisco, London, Washington D.C., Buenos Aires, New York, Taiwan, Los Angeles, Beijing, Providence, Barcelona, Boston...even constant twittering cannot bring us all together.

Enter: "Beyond Rice and Beans", a blog created to connect individuals through ingredients (thanks Isis).

While I will write anecdotes about my work/life in the Peace Corps in Costa Rica, I will also be including one ingredient a post and creating a dish with the item. Those inclined to participate can cook a recipe using the same ingredient. Once you have also experimented with the ingredient, please share for all to read! This way we can connect over tastes, and perhaps one day enjoy the dishes together.

If you happen to be the type with a fridge filled with nothing more than ketchup and a half-full liter of soda, feel free to find a dish in a restaurant that includes the ingredient. Do not fear if your cooking skills stop at boiling water, even the simplest dishes will be exciting to read about. Just be sure to share a little bit about where you are, bringing the reader with you.


  1. Hey Liz
    It will be great to hear about your adventures through this blog. Please make foie gras as your first ingredient. I have many a recipe! Patrick

  2. I'm looking forward to your ingredients blog, what fun. I see a lot of pineapples from Costa Rica as we speak.

  3. Unbelievable excited.... you better include some desserts as well!!!

  4. Ah! This is such a good idea. I'm going to use it to inspire me to start the cooking life i've always wanted. Can't wait to hear more. Pura Vida Mae ;)

  5. Doesn't Budweiser make beer out of rice? Maybe I'll stick to sake...

  6. Post an ingredient! I want to try it out before you leaveeee...

    Miss you already

  7. Hey chica,

    Do some homework on Lizano/Linzano (?? spelling??). It it like their ketschup but not red and not so sweet. We are preparing a poverty kit for you! let us know when you are ready to receive. Also, I favorite in my time was to splurge on a big papaya and a bottle of dark rum. Carve top off papaya like a pumpkin. Eat the lid for breakfast (no skin of course). Scoop out the black seeds/pods/caviar/capers/whatevers and fill with some rum. Have the top ring for lunch. Stay hydrated with water!! Then drink the rum out of the big papaya bowl and eat the "seasoned" papaya for dinner. Add lime if you have the coins. Another bit of advice, don't drink alcohol very often! No joke... That way you can easily get a pleasant buzz now and then (this is the financially responsible way to party!). Gallo y pintos for breakfasts as your proteins!!

  8. Liz, slow to check in... sorry... great notes so far! thanks for the photos. I finally mailed your care package... Not sure what parts will be needed or relevant... Can't wait to see if it gets there in one piece. As for the Anise... not my deal, sorry. @QIqqqqqqqq4'3 (the cat is typing too) I'm excited about the chives though. We like to make compound butters (anchovy, meyer lemon, sea salt, rosemary and chive is my favorite. You could do a chorizo, chive and citrus compound butter for a firm fish or grilled meat? we are gardening this year and have a great crop so far. I'll send photos when the time is right.

    Any spirits you have come across? what do you need? sounds like bi-lingual books would be solid? maybe a Rosetta Stone series would be good? How sophisticated is your housing? access to computers/electricity?

    Keep us posted... L/M